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Recurrent Tearing and Lichen Sclerosus

Recurrent Tearing and Lichen Sclerosus

For today’s video, we are continuing our discussion of sexual health and lichen sclerosus and discuss recurrent tearing and lichen sclerosus. Tearing with sex may happen to some folks on occasion; for others, it can happen often. When folks keep experiencing tearing, this is called recurrent tearing. In this video, I talk about why LS skin is prone to tearing, which areas tend to tear more frequently, who tends to tear, and options to manage recurrent tearing.

*Disclaimer: This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with your medical provider before making any changes to your health plan.

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Timestamps for Recurrent Tearing and Lichen Sclerosus

0:00 – Introduction

2:30 – What areas tend to tear with insertion and lichen sclerosus

6:39 – Why does lichen sclerosus skin tear

10:26 – Who is more likely to tear

13:30 – Caveat – science isn't black and white

14:34 – Managing recurrent tearing and lichen sclerosus: follow your treatment plan

17:30 – Work with a pelvic floor physical therapist

20:27 – Heat therapy

23:16 – Experiment with different positions

25:12 – Managing recurrent tearing and lichen sclerosus: double up on protection

27:31 – Improving recurrent tearing and lichen sclerosus with a vulvar lysis of adhesions

31:10 – Success rates for the vulvar lysis of adhesions

32:51 – Perineoplasty for recurrent tearing

37:36 – Vet your surgeons & what questions to ask 4

3:10 – Fat grafting for tearing and sexual pain

46:45 – Summary and outro

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