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Shine a Light on Strength! Celebrate World Lichen Sclerosus Awareness Day with LSSN & SweetSpot Labs.

Join us for a virtual event, exclusive discounts, and vulva-loving resources. Together, let's break the stigma and empower individuals facing LS.

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Shine a Light on LS: What is World Lichen Sclerosus Awareness Day?

Imagine a world where whispers about LS turn into vibrant conversations, where fear gives way to understanding, and where every vulva warrior feels empowered to shine. That's the vision behind World Lichen Sclerosus Awareness Day (WLSAD), happening on January 17th, 2024!

World LS Awareness Day is a day to break down the stigma surrounding LS, a chronic skin condition affecting 1 in 70 vulvas. We raise awareness, celebrate resilience, and connect individuals with the resources they need to thrive.

Lichen Sclerosus Symptoms

Common Symptoms

  • Itching (mostly at night)
  • Burning
  • Pain/soreness
  • White waxy skin or patches
  • Fissures
  • Ulcers
  • Legions
  • Blood blisters
  • Tearing of the skin

Severe Symptoms:

  • Labial resorption (tightening of the skin or loss of skin folds)
  • Clitoral phimosis (fusing of the clitoral hood)
  • Labial scarring/fusing (connections around the opening of the vagina leading to narrowing or tearing)

Secondary Symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Isolation, Low Self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of sleep, Fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Loss of relationships
  • Pain during sex, urinating, or having a bowel movement
  • Vulvar cancer
  • Chronic urinary tract or yeast infections (including yeast or bacterial infections on the outside skin of the vulva)

*See your provider and tell them you would like to be checked for Lichen Sclerosus if you are suffering from these symptoms. A biopsy may be necessary. Please see our LS Overview for information on how LS is diagnosed.

Empower Yourself! Join Our Virtual Event with Dr. Jill Krapf

Get ready to spark joy, ignite knowledge, and radiate vulva love at our World Lichen Sclerosus Awareness Day virtual event! On January 17th at 8 PM EST, join us for an evening of:

  • Expert insights: Dr. Jill Krapf, a renowned vulvovaginal health expert, will delve into LS and its impact on sexual health, offering tips for prevention and reversal.
  • Community: Connect with other individuals affected by LS and build a supportive community.
  • Practical tools: Discover self-care strategies, communication techniques, and resources to navigate your LS journey with confidence.
Image of Dr. Jill Krapf with the text "Navigating Sexual Health with Lichen Sclerosus: Practical Tips and Resources with Dr. Jill Krapf Jan 17, 2024 8 PM EST"
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Our partners, SweetSpot Labs, are showering us with vulva-loving goodies. Enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on their Rescue Balm, and get ready to pamper your precious parts!

Spread the Vulva Love! SweetSpot Labs Discounts in Support of the LS Community

We believe in the power of community, and that's why, for the third year in a row, we've partnered with SweetSpot Labs, a vulva care company on a mission to elevate vulvar skincare and break the stigma around vulvas. In honor of World Lichen Sclerosus Awareness Day, they are donating all online proceeds from January 17th to LSSN!

And they're not stopping there. They are offering an exclusive 15% discount on their Rescue Balm – a soothing haven for your vulva during LS flare-ups. SweetSpot Labs' Rescue Balm has rich ingredients that protect from moisture loss and leave skin feeling soothed, comfortable, and nourished. It's water-free and concentrated with clean, 92% naturally-derived actives. Rescue Balm locks in moisture to relieve and protect dry, itchy skin. It's also safe for around the anus.

Plus, as an added bonus, LSSN is giving away a download of our Check Your Vulva Bundle for free with every Rescue Balm purchase! This bundle includes:

  • Vulva Check Guide PDF: Learn to confidently check your vulva and identify potential concerns.
  • Gynecological Vulva Check Meditation: Find inner peace and connect with your body through guided meditation.
  • Pelvic Floor Vulva Check Meditation: Release tension and enhance your vulva's well-being through pelvic floor exercises.
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What You Need to Know About Lichen Sclerosus?

Lichen Sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory condition that often affects the vulvovaginal area, although it can appear on other parts of the body. It affects people of all genders and ages despite most publications attributing it to prepubescent girls and menopausal women.

Research into its cause is underway but not definitive. Many researchers believe there is an autoimmune response with a possible genetic component.

Ultra-potent steroid is the gold-standard treatment for LS. For those opposed to or for whom steroids do not work, topical calcineurin inhibitors are second-line treatment. Nevertheless, research studies around alternate treatment opinions are underway. Get more information on our LS Overview page.

Everyday Living with Lichen Sclerosus

Living with Lichen Sclerosus is about more than just treatment. LS affects us mentally and physically. Counseling, therapy, family, friends, and support groups can help. LSSN provides two types of support.

Lichen Sclerosus Support

LSSN's Free Virtual Meetups

Many people find it helpful to connect face-to-face with people who understand what they're going through. Our bi-weekly private virtual meetups give vulva owners all over the world the opportunity to do just that.

Hosted by our content creators, Kathy and Jaclyn. They provide evidence-based education and provide space for people to share their experiences. Available from 2-4 PM EST and 7-9 PM EST, you can join from any timezone.

There's no pressure. You control how you interact. If you want to listen with your camera off until you're comfortable speaking, you're more than welcome.

You can sign up for updates and notifications HERE.

LSSN's Membership

As a thank you to our monthly and annual donors, we offer a supportive community where they can join or sponsor a member with Lichen Sclerosus. The community is called LS Warriors.

It's a safe, intimate, positive space where we learn about our condition from and with each other off of social media.

We work on healing the mental as well as the physical effects of Lichen Sclerosus. With over a hundred hours of education in our video library, varying from expert interviews and group discussions, including all of the Wholistic Healing Summit 2023 replays, there's something for everyone.

It's a family. We truly want the best for each other.

If you're looking to create bonds with people who get it, click HERE to get more information on how to become a part of the LS Warriors.

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Dealing with physical symptoms

There are many physical Lichen Sclerosus symptoms. In an effort to help keep the skin healthy, it is recommended we use moisturizers and barrier creams. To learn about other day-to-day care options, please see our LS Overview page.


Many specialists recommend a daily moisturizer because steroid treatments can dry the skin. Moisturizers help protect, moisturize, soften, and relubricate the skin. They are also helpful in reducing friction and the chance of fusing.

Simple moisturizers such as coconut or castor oil are effective. Using quality natural single ingredients helps reduce the chances of irritation.

Barrier Creams

Barrier creams are thicker and are not meant to absorb into the skin as much, thus creating a barrier between your skin and possible irritants such as fabric or bodily fluids. Vaseline and Aquaphor are examples of popular barrier creams.

For those looking for a quality barrier cream made from natural components, SweetSpot Lab products are a great choice. They only use clean, non-irritating ingredients that respect the delicate balance of intimate skin. Their gentle formulas can even be used as an adjunct to prescription-based treatments, making them perfect to use after you apply your steroid treatment (we recommend waiting 20 minutes in between).

Their products are safety tested on actual vulvas by gynecologists and come in hygienic, contamination-free packaging, with the stamp of approval from both gynecologists and dermatologists.

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