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Vulva Awareness and Appreciation with Jaclyn & Penny

Vulva Awareness and Appreciation with Jaclyn & Penny

National Vulva Awareness Day 2023

Why do we Have an Event for Vulvar Awareness and Appreciation

Did you know 8 out of 10 folks with vulvas do not know all the names of their anatomy or what part does what? Yes, we have a major lack of vulvar awareness out there.

Vulvar health is in trouble because of stigma and lack of awareness and education, and we want to turn that around!

April 21st is National Vulva Awareness Day!

National Vulva Awareness Day was created in 2022 by our dear friends and allies to the lichen sclerosus community, SweetSpot Labs, to bring awareness to a part of the body that is often overlooked and to break the stigma around the vulva.

This year, we at Lichen Sclerosus Support Network wanted to hold an event on this special day to raise awareness and cultivate some vulva appreciation and love.

Image of a person with brown skin in a blue shirt looking to the left with an expression of curiosity on their face. The back ground is a soft teal with pink and yellow graphic stars. The title text reads "Vulva Awareness and Appreciation".


In this video, Jaclyn from TLLC and LSSN gives an overview of vulvar anatomy (what each part is called, where it is located, what its function is, and how it can be affected by LS). For the appreciation piece, Penny, from Wellbeing by Penny, guides use through a gentle movement/yoga/meditation practice centered around self-love and compassion for our vulvas.

Edit: While you typically cannot see the vagina from the outside, someone in the community let me know that they can see their vagina and even their cervix. I therefore wanted to add this correction: while you typically may not be able to see your vagina from the outside, you may be able to if you are limber and get into the right position, grab a flashlight, and insert two fingers into the vagina and separate.

Important Links for Vulva Awareness and Appreciation

Support Resources

Join our membership

Join our virtual support meetups

1:1 Support Calls with Jaclyn

Join us at the 2023 LSSN (W)holistic Healing Summit

Clitoral Health Resources

Clitoral Health Blog

Lysis of Adhesions with Dr. Rachel Rubin

3 Evidence-Based ways to unfuse your clitoris

Clitoral myofascial release for unfusing with Dr. Crewe

Yoga and Pelvic Health Resources

Join Penny’s Yoga Membership 7-day free trial + 30% off of your first month by using code JACLYN

Vulva Check Bundle – On Sale Now!

Shop our vulva check bundle and other merch

Other Links Mentioned

Follow us on YouTube

How to apply topical corticosteroids

Volunteer with LSSN

Vulva Diversity Links

Vulva Gallery

Labia and vulva gallery

The latest book on vulvar diversity

How you can help

Donate here – your donations help provide support to others with LS and fund content-creation, programs, and events.

You can also purchase our vulva check bundle, which includes:

We have created these products to help get you started on your monthly vulva checks.

LSSN Downloadable Vulva Check Guide PDF (Value $5)

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Contact Information

Reach out to Penny @wellbeing.by.penny on Instagram

Reach out to Jaclyn @thelostlabiachronicles on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok or email at Jaclyn@lostlabia.com

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