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Troubleshooting Your Autoimmune Root Cause Contributors

In this 2022 Holistic Healing summit session, Heather Cooan walks us through her framework for identifying the autoimmune root cause contributors to your specific condition's process and the corresponding nutrition and lifestyle changes you can make to find relief.

The Autoimmune Protocol (also known as “Autoimmune Paleo”, “The Paleo Approach”, or “AIP”) is a science-based elimination and reintroduction diet and lifestyle protocol. It focuses on repairing gut health, balancing hormones, and regulating the immune system.
The dietary component includes removing food-driven sources of inflammation and restoring nutrient density. While the lifestyle component includes approaches to sleep, stress management, movement, and connection (both with humans and nature), in order to help best manage autoimmune disease.
It has been used successfully alone or in combination with conventional treatments, depending on a person’s needs, and has even been the focus of medical research. In this presentation, Angie Alt details the dietary and lifestyle components of the AutoImmune Protocol. She sets realistic expectations while providing resources to help you succeed at AIP.

In this video, Angie covers

  • The Seven Key Steps on the Autoimmune Wellness Journey
    • Inform
    • Collaborate
    • Nourish
    • Rest
    • Breathe
    • Move
    • Connect
If you're looking for a natural way to take control of your autoimmune conditions and are ready for some deep learning about the Autoimmune Protocol then this is the video for you. *Note: These are general education sessions. Our providers can not and will not give specific medical advice.

About the Speaker

Angie Alt is the creator and director of a series of online group health coaching programs. These programs help thousands transition their diets and lifestyle to the Autoimmune Protocol. She is also the author and co-author of the award-winning books The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook and The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook.

Angie partners with doctors to conduct AIP medical research and consults for health tech startups, like WellTheory, that serve the autoimmune community.

In 2015, Angie partnered with Mickey Trescott, FNTP at AutoimmuneWellness.com, an award-winning website, and podcast serving millions with resources for living well with autoimmune disease. Along with Mickey and Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., Angie is also the co-creator and co-teacher of AIP Certified Coach, an advanced training for health and wellness practitioners.


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