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Looking for a way to move forward and accept your body where it is? Then this video is for you.

Nicole C. Ayers gives us her three-step framework, “Awaken. Heal. Live.” to make peace with our bodies.

Having a hard time accepting changes to your body due to lichen sclerosus? Do you feel ugly? Like an alien in your own skin? Does finding body acceptance sound like a lost dream?

We completely understand. That's why we brought you Nicole C. Ayers, award-winning author, speaker, and self-love sage.

In this video, Nicole shares her three-step process to finding body acceptance.

If you're ready to take the next step in your health journey and make peace with your body, you must watch this video today.

Nicole covers:

  • Body Acceptance – What it is and what it's not.
  • What it means to make peace with your body
  • Body betrayal
  • How to find your healing journey

Ready to take the next step to find body acceptance? Get access to this beautiful replay today.

Wild Soul Movement

As an added bonus, you'll also get access to the Holistic Healing Summit All-Access Wild Soul Movement class!

Wild Soul Movement is more of a “work in” than a “work out.” It's a nourishing way to reconnect with your body. You deserve the time to care for yourself.

You'll need the following:

  • about an hour
  • an exercise mat (pillow and blanket optional)
  • if you're most comfortable in a chair, that's A-OK
  • comfy clothes you can move in
  • a bottle of water (optional)
  • a journal (optional)

Wild Soul Movement(WSM) is a practice of self-discovery, self-love, self-trust, and self-acceptance. We use movement and breath to connect with and listen to the body, mantras to empower the mind, and meditation to cultivate inner peace.

And you get this one-hour practice for free with the purchase of this replay.

About the speaker

Self-love sage Nicole C. Ayers is a dynamic TEDx speaker and the award-winning author of Love Notes to My Body, which was recognized as one of 2020’s best life-changing books, and its two body-positive companion books.

She’s not afraid to get vulnerable and real about her personal journey to loving herself, and she encourages everyone to disrupt the narrative that tells them they—and their bodies—are not enough, just as they are.

Nicole uses the framework “Awaken. Heal. Live.” to guide women in making peace with their bodies in her digital course, and she teaches a gentle movement practice called Wild Soul Movement that helps women get into their bodies and out of their heads.

She’s a strong voice for female empowerment and the freedom it brings. Audiences will feel like they’ve gotten a warm hug and shared a private laugh with a close friend, but most importantly, they’ll leave with transformative tools to get to know themselves.

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