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How Nutrition Therapy Could Help Manage Your Lichen Sclerosus

How Nutrition Therapy Could Help Manage Your Lichen Sclerosus

Can nutrition therapy help manage your Lichen Sclerosus?

After Heather Cooan was denied care for 25 years and her Lichen Sclerosus developed into Vulvar Cancer, she fought back, healed herself, and now, as a certified nutrition therapy practitioner, she's helping others balance their hormones, identify triggers, and find hope to heal their LS.

In this video, you will learn:
1. What is the difference between a nutrition therapist and a dietitian?
2. What is leaky gut, and how can it cause auto-immune diseases?
3. What are the six buckets of triggers that can cause auto-immune diseases?

Nutrition therapy is a way to look at all the factors in your diet, environment, and lifestyle to manage your Lichen Sclerosus. While challenging, it can also be rewarding.


Find out what buckets are triggering your health issues by taking Heather's test at https://heathercooan.com/lspodcast

Dive deeper with Heather in our Holistic Healing Summit Replay video:

Troubleshooting Your Root-Cause Contributors

Check our comprehensive guide on Lichen Sclerosus and diet.

Let us know your thought on how nutrition therapy can help you manage your Lichen Sclerosus.

Were you able to identify any potential triggers? Have you ever looked at how nutrition and your environment affect your health?

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