Holistic Healing Summit 2022

The summit might be over but you can still get in on all the amazing information given.

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Sorry, you didn't get access to the Holistic Healing Summit replays. 😔

May 9-13, 2022 we brought you 18 speakers, 33 individual interactive sessions, and hours of amazing education and content.

More than 700 people from all over the world registered in this amazing community. We laughed, cried, and learned together. Here are some of their live reactions.

This has been transformational, truly!
Thank you for a wonderful journey.
Literally crying already listening. So happy to have some understanding and hope.

Lichen Sclerosus Support Network is here for you! We create these programs and products with people who have LS in mind because we are people with LS and know what's missing. Check out our welcome session to see what LSSN has done and our plans for the future. Also, check out our About page for further details.

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We'll be releasing some of the Holistic Healing Summit replays for sale in the Fall.


Sessions like Dr. Krapf's “Join Me In The Exam Room: Presentations of Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus” where you get to be a virtual med student and learn from one of the best Lichen Sclerosus specialists in America.

LSSN Dr. Jill Krapf Holistic Healing Summit replay thumbnail

Check out what people had to say,

So much knowledge in such a validating presentation! Dr. Jill seams to really care about the person, not just the job. It's heartwarming to see that!

The flow was amazing! I really felt that I could imagine I was in the doctor's office with her. I am so grateful for the example treatment plans. I had anxiety about viewing photos as I thought it would raise anxiety to view my own vulva more often but I felt at ease following along.

I enjoyed the interactivity, and Dr Jill is just amazing at explaining things

And Ashlie Crewe's session “My vulvar skin looks good. Why am I still in pain?”. People were excited to learn how the pain isn't in their heads and not just the tissues.

LSSN Holistic Healing Summit replay of Ashlie Crewe's session

You made the neuroscience of pain so incredibly accessible; I love the DJ analogy!

I enjoyed the detailed easy to understand explanation of how we experience pain.

Ashlie is so passionate! And a total nerd. Love her!

Want a free peek at one of our sessions? Click this link to see Jaclyn Lanthier's session on dilators and Lichen Sclerosus.

Which Holistic Healing Summit replay session will be your favorite?

There are over 33 Holistic Healing Summit replay sessions to choose from and each is as valuable as the next. Don't believe me? Take from the people who showed up live.

I was really impressed at how extensive the offerings were and how professional it all was. I do virtual training for a living.

Wow there were so many wonderful sessions at the Holistic Healing Summit.

I still want to thank you big time for the Holistic Healing Summit! It was sooo holistic I can't believe you have approached it from all these different and important angels. It was perfect! It helped me feel more than a disease (bought myself some beautiful dresses) and made me determent to take my health in my own hands (went to acupuncture, a homeopath and changed my diet). All in one week!

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