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Discussing The Mona Lisa Double-Blind Study with Leia Mitchell

Discussing The Mona Lisa Double-Blind Study with Leia Mitchell

In this episode, we look at the clinical trial done around Fractionated Carbon Dioxide Laser, also known as the Mona Lisa laser, with Leia Michell. We discuss why they felt the research was needed, who was in the trial, how they performed the trial, and the results. If you've got laser treatment, please let us know how it was for you in the comments below.

Meet Leia Mitchell, a passionate and knowledgeable physician assistant whose expertise lies in the realm of Lichen Sclerosus treatment. Her commitment to the comprehensive understanding and management of this condition has led her to investigate the Mona Lisa laser's potential for helping those with Lichen Sclerosus. As a board-certified physician assistant, Leia's extensive experience and background allow her to provide expert guidance and advice to medical practitioners seeking the latest innovations in Lichen Sclerosus's care. Leia's dedication to her field has resulted in the groundbreaking study and insight that aims to improve Lichen Sclerosus patients' lives.

Watch Leia Mitchell and I discuss the Mona Lisa Trial below:

Time Stamps

[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:02:06] Why do this study?

[00:04:13] How was the trial?

[00:06:30] Who took part in the trial?

[00:10:38] What factors were they measuring?

[00:15:05] How was the trial run?

[00:20:43] What were the results?

[00:39:17] Criticisms of the trial?

[00:46:24] Patient feedback about the trial

[00:48:06] Summarizing the results

[00:49:33] Any new laser research?

[00:58:57] Other types of laser

[01:01:25] Conclusion

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